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Happy Thanksgiving!

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The funny thing about Thanksgiving is that I’m not really a fan of turkey. I think for me, it’s the texture of it. Seems pretty dry. I feel like i’m eating a piece of wood. It could be a mental thing. I’ve seen other people chow down on it and I just can’t relate. I’ve tried force feeding it to myself, thinking I could mentally push through the way I feel about it but that…so far hasn’t worked. And no matter who made the turkey, it’s the same consistency in the texture. I just like juicy meat. Aha! I really just said that.

No, but seriously.

You know what, I take that back. I do like turkey legs because to me, it seems to be the juiciest part of a turkey. I will eat that, just not the rest of it! It totally slipped my mind that I love turkey legs. 😀

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As far as Thanksgiving I’m going to say my favorite thing is the dressing and vegetables (I love green beans). I could eat it all day. Has to be good though. I’ve had some pretty flavorless dressing…it can happen folks. But vegetables can be flavorless for me and I’ll eat them any way. And to think, I thought the older I got, the less pickier I became…that’s definitely not the case.

I’ve never actually made a “Thanksgiving” dish so I probably have no right to complain about other people’s food, (hash tag) amiright? I should probably learn how to make a turkey and see if it’s possible for it to actually be juicy-melt-in-your-mouth. The whole part, not just the legs.

It wasn’t until recently that I realized I am still as picky as an eater as I was when I was 2 years old. I thought I grew out of it simply because I eventually expanded upon the foods that I ate but even with the foods that I eat, everything has to be pretty specific.

I was out with my mom this week. We probably discussed for 10-15 minutes what we wanted to eat and we ended up going to WhatABurger. Pretty cool place, I haven’t tried too many things on the menu because I pretty much order the exact same thing every time – hence, the picky eater.

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It sucks having me on the passenger side of a drive-thru order, unless I yell over to the little machine that you talk into. I don’t just want the number 1 with an extra large lemonade.

“No, I don’t want to try your new special, let me just get a Just A Burger, add cheese, mayo and ketchup only, instead of regular bread put it on Texas toast, a sugar cookie…and a fruit punch”

If it’s not exactly like that, it’s just not the same experience. I don’t want a chocolate chip cookie, I don’t want mustard, I don’t want lettuce…I just want what I asked for. I remember being relatively devastated when they gave me a chocolate chip cookie once, given the fact I don’t really eat chocolate…so, it was pretty emotional. (Not really, really).

I mean, I suppose you could say I’m picky – I’ve seen worse! 😀

Edit/Update – 11.27.14

Here’s a view of my own personal Thanksgiving turkey leg that I pulverized…like I said, it’s the best and only part I like! LoL 😉